Keeley heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Kealey Quite numerous: Derry, Midlands etc. Ir. Ó Caollaidhe, Ó Céile. The former was connected with Kilkenny, the latter with Meath. See Kealy.
Kealy numerous: Leinster generally, Dublin. Ir. Ó Caollaidhe (Caollaí). A sept of Kilkenny but also possibly Ó Céile who belonged to Meath-Louth. See Queally and Kiely. MIF.
Keeley fairly numerous: N Leinster, S Ulster, Galway-Mayo etc. Ir. Ó Caollaidhe, Ó Céile. See Kealy but those of Connacht may be Ó Cadhla. MIF.
Kiely Very numerous: Cork-Waterford-S Limerick etc. Ir. Ó Cadhla (graceful). MacLysaght discusses this name at some length in More Irish Families.
O'Kiely Very rare: Athy (Kildare). Ir. Ó Cadhla. See Kiely.
Quaile fairly numerous: Down and Ulster generally; Midlands. Ir. Mac Fhail. MacLysaght says this is a Manx name (son of Paul) but a connection with Mac Hale, i.e. Mac Céile of Connacht is possible. The English name Quaile (the bird) may also be present. See Mac Quaile. MIF.
Quayle rare: Belfast-Down etc. Variant of Quaile, q.v.

Variants in 1901, with total occurences

Kealey: 35
Keally: 3
Kealy: 122
Keeley: 41
Keely: 115
Kiely: 241
Okeilly: 5
Quail: 40
Quaile: 18
Quaill: 2
Quayle: 5
Queale: 1
Quealey: 1

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