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Household numbers by county in Griffith's (1847-64), as on the map

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Antrim:2Armagh:2Belfast city:1Cork:1

Surname Dictionary

Fergus Quite numerous: Connacht, E Ulster & Louth. Ir. Ó Fearghuis (man-vigour). This names two septs in Connacht and Scots in Ulster. Fergus was an ancient first name current amongst both Gaels and Picts in Scotland. As Ferris, the name is common in Ulster and also occurs in Kerry. MIF & SS.
Ó Fearghuis Ferris, Fergus : líonmhar: Connachta, an Dún-Lú & Ciarraí. Ó thuaidh: Albanaigh; ó dheas: craobh de Mhuintir Mhuircheartaigh. Ó thaobh staire de, bhí clann leighis i Maigh Eo agus clann airchinneach i Liatroim. Mac Fearghusa ba chóir a bheith ar na h-Albanaigh a bhain leis an gclann mhór Ferguson thall. Ainm coiteann a b'ea Fearghus, leis an mbrí: fear + gus (neart, fuinneamh). SGG.

Variants in Griffith's
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Fergus: 86
McFergus: 2

Non-Griffith's Variants

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O Fearghuis
O Fergussa

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