was born in Ireland, in about .

First, you should keep in mind that there are at least 0 versions of the surname - - and records of may be listed under any (or all) of these. However, Gaelic spellings are very rare in records before 1900.

Irish records before the mid-1700s are notoriously poor and your chances of finding out more about are pretty slim.

Have a look at the numbers and locations of households in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century and see if any of the placenames are familiar from family tradition. Without even a general place of origin, it will be next nigh impossible to identify the right family.. Before 1864, when civil registration of births, deaths and marriages started for everyone in Ireland, virtually the only direct sources of family information are local church records. However, without more family information, it will be almost impossible to positively identify a relevant record.

You can see which areas in Ireland the surname was most common by clicking here. By then clicking through to parish level, you can see what church records there are for each of those areas.