Bride heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Bride rare: Dublin, Ulster. Scottish, from Ir. Brighid. See MacBride. SS.
Gilbride Quite numerous: Donegal-Fermanagh-Cavan, Longford-Leitrim-Sligo. Ir. Mac Giolla Bhrighde, (servant of St Brigid). Also as MacBride and Kilbride, q.v.
Kilbride fairly numerous: Laois-Carlow-Wicklow etc. Ir. Mac Giolla Bhríde (devotee of St Brigid). It is regarded a Connacht form of the name which also appears as MacBride.
Mac Giolla Bhrighde Mac Bride, Kilbride: líonmhar: Cúige Uladh agus sa Oir-dheisceart & rl. Sloinne Albanach é, chomh maith. Leis an meas mór a bhí ag Gaeil ar Bhríd N. ní foláir gur éirigh an sloinne seo in áiteanna éagsúla.
MacBride Very numerous: Belfast, Derry, Donegal & Ulster generally, also South East etc. Ir. Mac Giolla Bhrighde, devotee of St Brigid. An ecclesiastical family of Donegal and the name is current in Scotland whence some at least of the Ulster Mac Brides. IF.

DEDs where Bride and a second surname are found together


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