Faghy heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Fahy Very numerous: Galway-Mayo especially, also Munster and S Leinster. Ir. Ó Fathaigh. Woulfe gives derivation fothadh, foundation. It is certainly not faiche, lawn, from which arises the pseudo-translation Greene. They were a sept of Uí Maine (Galway) and were also in Tipperary. IF & SGG.
Vahey Quite numerous: Mayo etc. Ir. Mac a' Bheatha, beatha, life. See Mac Veagh. SI.
Vaughey rare: Drogheda (Louth). See Mac Veagh.
Veighey rare: Belfast. Ir. ? Mac an Bheatha. See Mac Veigh.

Variants in 1901, with total occurences

Faey: 1
Faghy: 1
Fahay: 1
Fahey: 239
Fahie: 4
Fahy: 218
Fohey: 2
Vahey: 23
Vaughey: 4
Veighey: 4

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