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Household numbers by county in Griffith's (1847-64), as on the map

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Antrim:1Armagh:3Belfast city:2Carlow:3
Clare:16Cork:138Cork city:7Derry:12
Donegal:145Down:7Dublin:6Dublin city:7

Surname Dictionary

Mac Suibhne Mac Sweeney, Sweeney: an-líonmhar ar fud na tíre (Sweeney in Ultaibh). Ba Gallóglaigh ó Albain iad; d'éirigh trí chlann i dTír Chonaill: Mac S. Fánaid, Mac S. Boghaine & Mac S. na dTuath. Craobh den chéad dream, bhogadar ó dheas sa 16 céad agus shocraigh i Múscraí Uí Fhloinn i seirbhís Mhic Charthaigh. Orthu san, an Corcaíoch, Terence Mac Swiney (1879-1920), Ard-Mhéara Chorcaí, a fuair bás ar stailc ocrais i Londain Shasana. Brí: suibhne = soineanta, lách. Féach Mac Shuibhne, leis. IF.
MacSweeney numerous: most parts, especially Cork and Munster generally. Ir. Mac Suibhne, from first name Suibhne "well-disposed". The name came from Donegal where they were Scottish galloglasses in 14 cent. Ironically, in Donegal, the name is now Sweeney.
MacSwiney Quite numerous: Cork etc. Variant of Mac Sweeney, q.v.
Sweeney Very numerous: all areas, especially Donegal-Derry. Ir. Mac Suibhne (pleasant). They were Scottish galloglasses who establishd three septs in Donegal and a branch in Cork. See also Mac Sweeney and Mac Swiney. IF.
Swiney rare: Belfast, Donegal. See Sweeney.

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