McInerney households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Mac an Airchinnigh Mac Inerney: líonmhar, Clár, Luimneach &rl. Ceann de phríomh-chlanna Thuamhumhan. Clann a shíolraigh ó airchinnigh .i. maoir ar thailte eaglasta. Leagain ghallda eile: MacEnerney, Kinnerk, Nerney. SI & SGG.
MacAnearney rare: Down. See Mac Inerney.
MacAnerney rare: Tyrone. Ir. Mac an Airchinnigh. See Mac Inerney.
MacEnerney rare: Midlands etc. See Mac Inerney.
MacInerney numerous: all areas, especially Clare & Limerick. Ir. Mac an Airchinnigh, erenagh or steward of church lands. A major sept of Clare. IF.

The surname

Parishes where McInerney and a second surname are found together


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