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Surname Dictionary

Gilmore Very numerous: Ulster, particularly Antrim-Down, also Galway etc. Ir. (1) Mac Giolla Mhir (swift servant) in Connacht. (2) Mac Giolla Mhuire (devotee of Blessed Virgin Mary) in Ulster. The latter applies to Scottish Gilmour which no doubt accounts for some of the Ulster names. Minor synonyms: Gilmer, Gilmor, Gillmor. MIF & SGG.
Gilmour numerous: N Antrim, Down etc. Scottish, associated with Galloway which was largely Gaelic-speaking in 12 cent. See Gilmore.
Mac Giolla Mhir Gilmore: annamh: Sligeach. Clann de chuid Uí Fiachrach. Seasann Gilmore do shloinnte eile: Mac Giolla Mhuire & rl. chomh maith. An bhrí: giolla mear, is ionann agus ógánach meidhreach.

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