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Parishes where Cully and a second surname are found together


Household numbers by county in Griffith's (1847-64), as on the map

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Armagh:23Belfast city:2Down:21Dublin:3

Surname Dictionary

Cullagh rare: Tipperary etc. Probably from MacCullough, q.v.
Culley numerous: mainly Down with Armagh, Cavan & Midlands. Ir. Ó Colla. The personal name Colla was current in early ages. See also Coll.
Culloo Very rare: Clare. Ir. Mac Cú Uladh (hound of Ulster). Generally an Ulster name in the form of MacCullough etc. This is a case where the nominative is used in place of the more usual genitive Con. MIF.
MacCollough Very rare: Antrim etc. See Mac Cullough.
MacCulla fairly rare: Down etc. Ir. Mac Cú Uladh (hound of Ulster). See Mac Cullough.
MacCulloch Quite numerous: Ulster generally, Dublin etc. See Mac Cullough.
MacCully fairly numerous: Ulster generally. Variant of Mac Cullough, q.v.

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