Conroy households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Connaire fairly rare: Galway etc. Ir. Ó Conaire. This is generally a Munster name, Connery but there also a Connacht version, Conry, which may refer to Ó Maolconaire, a literary family attached to the kings of Connacht. MacLysacht deals with this at some length in his "Irish Families".
Conroy numerous: Ulster, Leinster, Connacht. It relates to various Irish names: Mac Conraoi, Ó Conraoi, Ó Conaire, Ó Maolconaire. See Connery, King. IF.
Conry fairly rare: mainly Connacht. Ir. Mac Conraoi etc. A variant of Conroy. Cú Raoi was an old personal name. GPN.
Mac Conraoi Conroy, King: líonmhar ach bhí Mac Conraoi i nGaillimh agus sa Chlár. Leis an mí-aistriú "King", cuirtear casadh eile agus breis doiléire sa scéal.SI.
Mulconry rare: Clare-Limerick etc. Ir. Ó Maolchonaire, from early first name Conaire. A renowned family of historians in Connacht, including one of the "Four Masters". It has been abbreviated to Conry in some cases. IF.
Ó Conratha Conroy: fíor-annamh: Conrahy a bhí orthu roimhe seo. As Uíbh Fhailí dóibh. Luaitear Mac Conratha leis an sloinne seo, freisin. Fréamh: cú + rath ?SGG.

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