Cahalane households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Cahalane fairly numerous: W Cork, W Kerry, N Tipperary, Laois (Cahalan) and some in Connacht. Ir. Ó Cathaláin, dim. of Cathal (strong in battle). The name of two septs, one of Limerick, the other of Oriel. In Limerick the name usually occurs as Culhane and in Ulster as Callan. MIF & SGG.
Cohalan rare: Cork. Ir. Ó Cathaláin, i.e. a synonym of Cahalane, q.v.
Culhane numerous: mainly Limerick. Ir. Ó Cathaláin. From the personal name Cathal. A number of synonyms occur: Cahalan, Cohalan, Cahillane. The sept originated in Limerick.MIF.
Ó Cathaláin Cahalane, Culhane (Luimneach), Cohalan (Corcaigh): líon beag: Iarthar Chorcaí, Luimneach, Ciarraí, Connachta. Ón ainm pearsanta Cathal, "neart sa chath". Bhí clann díobh in Uaithne (oirthear Luimnigh) agus ceann eile i Ros Comáin.

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