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Websites for Irish surnames starting with 'c'

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  Cagney   Rathkeale
  Callaghan   (archived)
  Callahan   (archived)
  Callan   Dundalk
  Callan   Co. Louth
  Callan   Monaghan/ Dakota county, Minn
  Callelly   (archived)
  Carey   Galway (archived)
  Carey   Soloheadbeg, Tipperary
  Carlos   Roscommon (archived)
  Carmichael   (archived)
  Carney   Michigan
  Carroll   (archived)
  Carroll   (archived)
  Casey   (archived)
  Casey   Tipperary/ Australia
  Casey   Co. Clare
  Casey   Dakota county, Minn
  Cashon   Tipperary/ Tasmania
  Cassion   (archived)
  Casson   Antrim/ New Zealand (archived)
  Chalmers   Scotland & Cork
  Chestnut   Ballymoney, Co. Antrim (archived)
  Christian   (archived)
  Clancy   Galway
  Clarke   Co. Meath, NY
  Clarke   Laois/Canada
  Cleary   Australia (archived)
  Cleary   U.S.
  Cleland   (archived)
  Clogherty   (archived)
  Coburn   Louth
  Cochrane   Donegal
  Coffey   (archived)
  Coffey   Bandon, Co. Cork (archived)
  Condon   Co. Cork (archived)
  Conmy   (archived)
  Conner   DNA project: also (O')Connor/ Connors
  Connolly   Connollyweb (archived)
  Connolly   Co. Monaghan (archived)
  Connolly   Tuam (archived)
  Connors   Kilbaha, Moyvane (Newtownsandes), Co. Kerry
  Conway   (archived)
  Coogan   Co. Monaghan
  Cooney   Wexford
  Cooney   Cavan (archived)
  Copeland   (archived)
  Corbett   Tuam (archived)
  Corbett   Newfoundland
  Corbett   Waterford/ New Zealand
  Cormican   (archived)
  Corrigan   Clan Corrigan, Canada
  Costello   Kerry; Archived
  Costigan   Tipperary/Newfoundland
  Coughlan   (archived)
  Coulter   Ireland/Scotland (archived)
  Coulter   Tyrone/ S. Carolina
  Courtney   Armagh
  Cowan   (archived)
  Cox   Co. Offaly (King's)
  Coyle   Co. Cavan
  Cranston   (archived)
  Crawford   Donegal
  Cree   One-name study
  Croker   Cork, Limerick, Dublin
  Cronin   Cork.
  Crooke   Cork
  Crosson   Cavan (archived)
  Crumlish   Donegal
  Cullen   Co. Leitrim
  Cullen   Carlow
  Cunningham   Kilbaha, Moyvane (Newtownsandes), Co. Kerry
  Curry   Armagh, Down
  Curtin   Co. Clare
  Cuthbert   (archived)

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