Quigley surname history

Quigley is the principal English version of the Irish O Coigligh, from coigleach, meaning "unkempt". Other versions include the rare O?Quigley, Kegley, Twigley and, in parts of Co. Down, Fivey, derived from a mistaken association with the Irish for five, cuig. The main origin of the family was in Co. Mayo, in the barony of Carra, near the modern town of Westport, where they were part of the powerful Ui Fiachriagh tribal grouping. From there they were dispersed at an early date, principally to the adjacent territories now part of counties Sligo, Donegal and Derry, where the name is principally found today. The surname also appears to have arisen separately in Inishowen in Donegal, and members of this family have been prominent churchmen in Fermanagh and Monaghan.

There appears also to have been a separate O Coigligh family which arose in Co. Wexford, where the name has been anglicised for the most part as "Cogley", although Quigley is also frequent.

Dr. James Edward Quigley (d. 1915) was Bishop of Buffalo in New York State, and a prominent supporter of the trade union movement.

.Joe Quigley (1919-1993) was surgeon of the Garda Siochana, the Irish police force, from 1958 to 1984, and oversaw the medical aspects of the modernisation of the force with compassion and thoroughness.

Sir George Quigley (1929 - ) was one of Northern Ireland?s top civil servants and is now Chairman of Ulster Bank and a director of National Westminster Bank.

Mitchel V. Cogley (1910-1991) was a very well known and respected sports journalist, and sports editor of the Irish Independent for 22 years, with a legendary versatility in the range of sports he was familiar with.

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