• Greene surname history

    Greene surname history

    Green(e) is an extremely common English surname, generally referring to someone who lived near a village green. Many Irish bearers of the name, particularly in Ulster, are probably of this connection. However, Green(e) was also used as the anglicised version of a wide variety of Irish names containing uaithne, 'green', or glas, "grey-green". O hUaithnigh, anglicised as both "Green" and the phonetic "Hooney", arose in Co. Cork. In Co. Clare the original, from the same Irish stem, was O hUaithnigh, more rarely anglicised as "Hooneen"and "Huneen". In Ulster, Mac Glasin, "McGlashan", and Mac Giolla Ghlais, "McAlesher", relatively common in counties Antrim and Derry, also became Green. Further, O Griana, Mac Griana, found in north-west Ulster, and O Grianain, from counties Cavan and Sligo, were also phonetically rendered as Green, although the root of the names is the Irish grian, meaning "sun".