• Curreen surname history

    Curreen surname history

    Curran, together with its many variants - (O')Curren, Corhen, Currane, Curreen etc. - may come from the Irish O Corraidhin, or O Corrain, both deriving from corradh, meaning "spear". The former version arose in Co. Donegal, where it still remains very numerous, while the latter was the name of several independent septs living in south Leinster/Waterford, Kerry, Galway and Leitrim. Today, the heaviest concentration of the name is found in Ulster, with the smallest number in Connacht, but the name is numerous and widespread throughout Ireland. Its most famous bearers were John Philpot Curran (1750-1817), the barrister and nationalist, and his daughter Sarah, who was secretly engaged to Robert Emmett. Thomas Moore's song "She is Far From the Land" was inspired by her story.