• Corcoran surname history

    Corcoran surname history

    Corcoran may derive from a number of Irish originals: O Corcrain, Mac Corcrain, O Corcain, and O Corcra, all stemming originally from corcair, meaning "purple". The name has also been anglicised "Corkery" and "Corkin". It arose separately in different locations, in the O'Carroll territory encompassing parts of Offaly and Tipperary, and in Co. Fermanagh. The name is now rare in Fermanagh, and it seems likely that the many Corcorans found in Mayo and Sligo are part of this group. Further south the name is also common now in Cork and Kerry as well as Tipperary.

    Daniel Corkery (1878-1964) was Professor of English at University College Cork from 1931 to 1947 and had enormous influence, both as a novelist and a critic, on the Irish writing of his time. His best-known work is The Hidden Ireland (1925), a passionately nationalist account of writing in the Irish language in the eighteenth century.

    The Irish-American James Andrew Corcoran (1820 - 1889 was a renowned theologian and editor, who participated in the first Vatican Council, founded the American Catholic Quarterly, and was a professor of theology in Philadelphia for 21 years.