McGill Catholic marriages in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Gill numerous: Connacht, Ulster and generally. Ir. Mac an Ghaill (Ghoill), son of the foreigner. A name adopted by the Stapletons. However, a number of sources are indicated: see MacGill and Magill. MIF & SGG.
Mac an Ghaill Mac Gill, Stapleton: líonmhar san Oir-dheisceart mar Stapleton, Angla-Normannaigh a shocraigh i gCill Chainnigh agus ghlac an sloinne Gaelach sa chucu féin.
Mac Giolla Mac Gill, Magill, Gill: líonmhar gach aird, Ulaidh agus Connachta ach go h-áirithe. Giorrú é seo ar sloinne éigin a thosaigh le Mac Giolla ... ach féach Mac an Gaill, leis.
MacGill numerous: Ulster generally, Sligo-Roscommon etc. Ir. Mac Giolla, the proper name having been dropped in colloquial use. It also stands for Mac an Ghaill (son of the foreigner), a patronymic adopted by the Stapletons in the South East. See Magill.
Magill numerous: Ulster generally, especially Antrim-Down. Ir. Mac an Ghoill, "son of the foreigner". Mac Giolla is also used, being an abbreviation of some name beginning with Mac Giolla .... SGG.

Parishes where a McGill and a second surname married each other.

Second surname:

RC parishes and marriages

This list shows total McGill Roman Catholic marriages by county and parish.
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Variants and totals

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