Mylott Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Míolóid Mylotte: annamh: Oir-dheisceart. Féach Ó Méalóid.
Moylette fairly rare: Mayo etc. Ir. Méalóid (Ó Méalóid). A name derived from Latin miles, a soldier and present in Ireland since 14 cent. Also as Mylott, Mylod, Millett. Generally of Norman origin. MIF.
Mylotte rare: Galway and South East. Ir. Méalóid, Ó Méalóid, from miles, a soldier. Associated with Wexford and Kilkenny; from 17 cent in Mayo and Galway and gaelicised Mac Méalóid. See also Millett. SI.

Parishes where Mylott and a second surname are both baptised.


RC parishes and households

This list shows total Mylott Roman Catholic baptisms by county and parish.
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Variants and totals

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