McGough Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Goch Gough: líonmhar: Oir-dheisceart & rl. Sloinne ón mBreatnais: coch = dearg, rua. Bhí siad in Éirinn sa 13 céad. Bhí siad chun tosaigh i bPort Lairge sa 17 céad.
Goff Quite numerous: Wexford etc. Ir. Góch, according to Woulfe, from Welsh coch, red. There is also a Welsh word gof = smith. The Welsh connection is well established - they came in 13 cent and settled in Dublin and Waterford. See Gough. MIF.
Gough numerous: E Ulster, Midlands, South-East. Ir. Goch, from Welsh coch = red. In Waterford 13 cent. Now pronounced Goff and so spelled in some cases. This name is also an anglicisation of (1) Ó Cuacháin (Mayo) and (2) Mag Eochadha (Armagh-Monaghan).
MacGaugh Very rare: Galway-Mayo. Ir. Mag Eathach. See Mac Gagh.
MacGeogh Very rare: Belfast. See Mac Geough.
MacGeough numerous: Armagh-Tyrone-Monaghan; Louth-Meath etc. Ir. Mag Eochadha, from first name Eochaidh (horseman). Associated with Oriel. MIF.
MacGoff rare: Mayo etc. Ir. Mag Eochadha. See Mac Gough.
MacGough Quite numerous: Monaghan, Midlands, Galway etc. Ir. Mac Eochadha from first name Eochaidh, associated with Oriel. MIF.
Mag Eochadha Mac Geough, Mac Gough: cuíosach líonmhar: Lú, Muineachán, Ard Mhacha & rl. Cuid eile de mhuintir Eochaidh, q.v.

Parishes where McGough and a second surname are both baptised.


RC parishes and households

This list shows total McGough Roman Catholic baptisms by county and parish.
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Variants and totals

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