McGillick Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Gillick Quite numerous: Louth-Meath-Cavan. Ir. Mag Uilic, Ulick, a dimin. of William. Related to the Burkes of Connacht. SI.
Killick Very rare: Down etc. Probably synonymous with Gillick, q.v. but the name is common in England also. There the word means a small anchor.
MacGillick Very rare: Meath. Ir. Mag Uilic, diminutive of William, usually associated with the Burkes of Connacht. See also Gillick.
Mag Uillic Gillick: líon beag: Lú-an Mhí-Cabhán. Ainm sinseartha agus díspeagadh ar Uilliam. Bhí sé coitianta i measc na mBúrcach. Féach Mac Uilcín.

Parishes where McGillick and a second surname are both baptised.


RC parishes and households

This list shows total McGillick Roman Catholic baptisms by county and parish.
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Variants and totals

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