McAvoy Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Evoy rare: Wexford. Apparently a contraction of MacEvoy, one of the "Septs of Laois" and still numerous in S Leinster. SI.
Mac Aodha Bhuí Mac Evoy: ? líonmhar: C. Uladh & an Oir-Deisceart agus go forleathan. Deir de Bhulbh, ámh, gur sloinne fíor-annamh é. Is cosúil go mbaineann MacEvoy le Mac Fhíodhbhuí, q.v. IF, SI & SGG.
Mac Fhiodhbhuidhe Mac Evoy, Mac Avoy: an-líonmhar gach aird, deisceart Laighean go sonrach. Leagan bunaidh: Mac Fiodhbhadhach (fear coille). Ceann de "Seacht gClann Laoise". In oirthear Uladh, baineann Mac Evoy, Mac Avoy le Mac an Bheatha, cuid mhaith. Litriú nua: Mac Fhíobhuí.
MacAvoy numerous: Down-Armagh etc. Ir. Mac an Bheatha, beatha, life. For which see Mac Veigh. However, it may also be Mac Fhiodhbhuidhe from fiodhbhach, woodsman. See Mac Evoy. SI & SGA.
MacEvoy Very numerous: Midlands,South-East, Down etc. Ir. Mac Fhíodhbhuidhe from fíodhbhadhach, a woodsman. One of the "Seven Septs of Laois". In Ulster it is of different derivation: Mac Bheatha, for which see Mac Veigh. IF.
MacKelvey numerous: Ulster generally. Ir. Mac Giolla Bhuí (golden lad). A sept of Donegal, but it is also found in Galloway, where, according to Black, it is Scots Gaelic Mac Shealbhaigh, from sealbhach, possessive, grasping. MIF & SS.

Parishes where McAvoy and a second surname are both baptised.


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Variants and totals

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