Maginniss Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Guinness fairly rare: Belfast area and scattered. Ir. Mac Aonghuis, from early personal name Aonghus, Óengus. A sept of Down. See MacGuinness, Magennis. IF.
Mac Aonghusa rare: Dublin etc. Ir. Lang. See Mac Guinness.
MacEnnis Very rare: Limerick. See Mac Guinness.
MacGennis Very rare: Dublin. See Magennis.
MacGinnis Derry etc. Ir. Mag Aonghuis. See Mac Guinness.
MacGuinness Very numerous: all areas, especially Ulster, Connacht, N Leinster. Ir. Mag Aonghusa, Mag Aonghuis. From legendary first name Óengus. A leading sept of Ulster, chiefs of Uíbh Eathach (Iveagh) in Down. Perhaps now most celebrated for the dark beer.
Magenniss numerous: Down-Armagh etc. Ir. Mag Aonghusa. Variant of Mac Guinness, q.v.
Maginess fairly rare: Down-Armagh. See Mac Guinness.
Maginnes fairly numerous: Belfast, Down-Antrim etc. Ir. Mag Aonghusa. Variant of Mac Guinness, q.v.
Maguinness rare: Down etc. Variant of Mac Guinness, q.v.

Parishes where Maginniss and a second surname are both baptised.


RC parishes and households

This list shows total Maginniss Roman Catholic baptisms by county and parish.
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