Molin births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

MacMullan Very numerous: Ulster generally, N Connacht, N Leinster. Ir. Mac Maoláin, a dimin. of maol, bald or tonsured. The name is indigenous but also a variant of the Scottish Mac Millan to which must be attributed many of those in the North East.
Mollan rare: scattered. Variants of Mullan, q.v.
Mullan Very numerous: Ulster generally etc. Ir. Ó Maoláin, dimin. of maol, bald, blunt. The most important sept was in Derry. See also Mullen and Mullin(s).
Mullane numerous: W Limerick-Cork etc. Ir. Ó Maoláin. A locally-based name synonymous with Mullan, Mullen, Mullins, q.v.
Mullen Very numerous: all areas, remarkably even distribution. Mullen is predominent in the North, Mullins in the South. Ir. Ó Maoláin. Septs existed in Galway and Derry. It must be noted that an English name Mullins also exists and is surely present.
Ó Maoláin rare: scattered. Ir.Lang. See Mullen.
Ó Maoláin Mullane, Mullen: an-líonmhar: gach aird. Aithnítear clanna i nDoire, Gailimh agus Corcaigh. Tá an leagan Mullane i Luimneach thiar agus Corcaigh. Maolánach dob'ea máthair Dhónaill Uí Chonaill. SGG & IF.
O'Mullan fairly rare: N Antrim. Ir. Ó Maoláin, maol, bald, abrupt. A sept of Derry associated with the O'Kanes. IF.
O'Mullane Quite numerous: Cork etc. Ir. Ó Maoláin (see O'Mullan). This name is common through the country in various forms. See Mullane, Mullen, Mullins, Moylan. IF & SGG.

Districts where Molin and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Mullan: 3798
  • Mullin: 2945
  • Mullen: 5057
  • Mullane: 1599
  • Mullins: 2444
  • MacMullan: 11
  • McMullan: 4218
  • McMullen: 1293
  • McMullin: 563
  • MacMullen: 29
  • Mullans: 11
  • Mollan: 76
  • Mullens: 76
  • Melane: 6
  • O'Mullane: 105
  • O'Mullen: 3
  • Mulane: 1
  • Moleyn: 1
  • Molin: 4
  • O'Mullan: 92
  • Mollen: 28
  • Mollin: 31
  • Mullon: 38
  • Mollon: 3
  • Mullinn: 1
  • O'Mullin: 4

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