McMorrow births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

Kavanagh Very numerous: all areas, particularly South East. Ir. Caomhánach, from first name Caomhán (friend). One of the few adjectival native names and a noted branch of the MacMurroughs of Leinster. It stands for Ó Cíobháin (Kevane) in Kerry. IF.
MacMorrough rare: Sligo etc. Variant of Mac Morrow, q.v. See also Mac Murrough.
MacMorrow numerous: mainly Connacht. Ir. Mac Muireadhaigh (mariner). A name associated with the O'Rourkes of Breifne.
MacMurphy Very rare: Dublin. Ir. Mac Murchaidh. A sept of Oriel, they have become the ubiquitous Murphy, q.v. See also Murdoch.
MacMurray numerous: E Ulster etc. Ir. Mac Muireadhaigh, (mariner). Mod. Mac Muirí, a sept of Leitrim, but mainly Scottish from Galloway. SS.
MacMurrough rare: Dublin etc. Ir. Mac Murchadha, mod. Mac Murchú. First name Murchadh, sea-warrior. Three septs, best known being that of Leinster, descended from Murchadh, grand-father of Dermot who introduced the Normans to Ireland.
Morrow Very numerous: mainly Ulster. English toponymic generally; it may stand for Mac Morrow in W Ulster & Connacht.
Murphy Very numerous: all areas, especially Munster and South East. Ir. Ó Murchadha, modern Ó Murchú, "sea-warrior". The most numerous name in Ireland with 9,400 entries in the Telephone Directory. In Ulster they are generally Mac Murchadha, Mac Murchaidh; the royal house of Leinster, Mac Morrough (Wexford) was Mac Murchadha. The Murphys of Munster are said to be a branch of the Wexford group which was divided into Kinsella, Kavanagh, Hendrick, Mernagh, all of which see. There was another sept in Roscommon. The first name Murchadh is still used in the O'Brien family. IF & SGG.

Districts where McMorrow and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Kavanagh: 11394
  • Murphy: 80486
  • Cavanaugh: 2
  • MacMurray: 20
  • Kavanaugh: 2
  • MacMorrow: 1
  • MacMorrough: 2
  • Morrow: 4334
  • McMorrow: 1364
  • McMorough: 2
  • McMorry: 64
  • McMurrough: 22
  • McMorrough: 5
  • McMorow: 1
  • McMarrow: 7
  • McMurra: 3
  • McMonow: 2
  • Morow: 2
  • Morrows: 2

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