Forde births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

Ford fairly rare: Dublin etc. Usually as Forde, q.v.
Ford Forde: líon beag, is cosúil - baineann an chuid is mó des na Fordes le sloinnte Gaelacha: Mac Conshnámha, Mac Giollarnáth (Giolla na Naomh), Ó Fuaráin. IF.
Forde Very numerous: all areas. While this is common in England, in Ireland it stands for a number of indigenous names: Mac Giollarnáth, Mac Conshnámha, Ó Fuaráin, the first two in Connacht, the last in Cork-Waterford. Some English Fords settled in Meath in the 14 cent. The ancestor of Henry Ford (USA) came from Cork in 1847. IF.
Fúrd Forde: féach Fórd thuas.
Mac an Átha Forde: claochlú ar Mac Conshnámha, q.v.
Mac Conshnámha Kineavy, Forde: annamh: Gaillimh & rl. Bhí an chlann seo suite i Muintir Chionnaigh in aice le Loch Aillionn (Liatroim). Deineadh Forde díobh trí mhí-aistriú. Brí: cú + snámh (láthair trasnaithe abhann). Tá Forde orthu go minic anois.
Mac Giollarnáth Very rare: Galway etc. Ir.Lang. See Forde.

Districts where Forde and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Ford: 2254
  • Foord: 11
  • Foorde: 7
  • Forde: 4464
  • Foard: 40
  • Fford: 1
  • Fourd: 2
  • Fforde: 7
  • Foarde: 3
  • Fourde: 2

  • Districts and births

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