Doran births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

Doran Very numerous: Midlands, Ulster, Dublin etc. Ir. Ó Deoráin, deoraí, wanderer, exile and by extension, a pilgrim. A noted brehon family of Laois and one of the "Seven Septs" there. Also a grouping in Down. IF & SGG.
Ó Deoradháin Doran, Dorrian: an-líonmhar: Oir-deisceart & Lár na Tíre ach Dorrian i dTír Conaill. Ceann de "Seacht gClann Laoise" agus clú orthu mar bhreithiúna i gCúige Laighean. An bhrí: deoradh = eachtrannach nó oilithreach. IF.

Districts where Doran and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Doran: 6186
  • Dorin: 5
  • Doren: 7
  • Dorrens: 15

  • Districts and births

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