Berrie births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

Beary fairly rare: Limerick etc. Ir. Ó Béara. A sept of Offaly, related to the O'Dempseys but now rare there. Woulfe found it in Mayo. SGG.
Berry fairly numerous: Antrim, Midlands, South East, Mayo/Galway. Ir. Ó Béara. Woulfe notes the Irish name in Offaly and Mayo. Elsewhere, it is probably English of 17 cent provenance and a synonym of Bury, the placename. DBS.
Brugha Burgess, Burrows, Bury: lionmhar in Ultaibh & Áth cliath: Sloinnte Sasanacha a ghaelaíodh. Foinse: burgh, borough = baile mór. (Cathróir de)
Bury fairly rare: Dublin and scattered. Ir. de Brú (SGA). Anglo-Normans of 13 cent who claim the name comes from the Château de Bury in Normandy. MIF.
Ó Béara rare: Ir.Lang. See Berry.
Ó Béara Beary, Berry: annamh: Luimneach & rl. ach tá Berry líonmhar in Ultaibh - inimircigh sa 17 céad, is cosúil. Bhain an chlann Ghaelach le Uíbh Fhailí & Maigh Eo.

Districts where Berrie and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Berry: 2122
  • Bury: 112
  • Beary: 208
  • Beery: 1
  • Berrie: 15
  • Brugha: 2
  • Burey: 5
  • Burry: 10
  • Berrey: 1
  • O'Berry: 1

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