Quin family histories

AuthorTitlePublisherPlaceDateCommentSample refSample location
Laughlin John LewisFamily history of James Quinn, Sr. and Sarah GriffithJ.L. Laughlin,Glenn Dale, MD1996.90 pCS71.Q54 1996CS71.Q54 1996 Library of Congress
O'Callaghan J.C. National Library of Ireland
Paterson J.History of the Paterson family--History of Dean John Paterson's family, and connected families, mainly in County Donegal. Families listed include Bane or Bain, Bunting, Cochran, Copeland, Crockett, Crozier, Dawson, Farquahar, Fulton, Gilbert, Gillis, Graham, Gray, Grindall, Greenaway, Greenlee, Harcourt, Honeyford, Jackson, Jeffers, Jones, Kain, Kelly, McCullagh, O'Quin or O'Quinn, Taylor, Walker and Whiteside.MS 34,960 /1-2MS 34,960 /1-2 National Library of Ireland