McLane heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Mac Aileáin Mac Clean: líonmhar, Cúige Uladh. Albanaigh - Mac Giolla Eáin, de ghnáth. Gallóglaigh a tháinig go h-Éirinn sa 15 céad. Clann mhór Albanach.
Mac Giolla Eáin Mac Clean, Mac Lean: an-líonmhar: Cúige Uladh. Clann mhór Albanach ó Oileán Muile. Thánadar mar ghallóglaigh ag Mac Domhnaill ón 15 céad. Leagan Albanach ar Eoin is ea Eán. MIF.
MacClane Very rare: Fermanagh. Variant of Mac Lean, q.v.
MacCleane Very numerous: Ulster generally, Dublin etc. Scots Gaelic Mac Giolla Eáin, devotee of St John. In Ireland as galloglasses 16 cent. MIF.
MacLaine rare: Antrim-Tyrone etc. Ir. Mac Giolla Eáin. See Mac Lean.
MacLeane numerous: Ulster generally. Ir. Mac Giolla Eáin, -Iain, devotee of St John. A family of galloglasses in Ulster and, of course, a notable Scottish clan. SS.

DEDs where McLane and a second surname are found together


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