MacAdam heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Adam very numerous N.E.Ulster and Dublin. English & Scottish; synonyms: Aidy, Eadie. Also anglicisations of Mac Adaim, Mac Adamóid, Mac Conshnámha, q.v.
Adamson numerous N.E.Ulster and Dublin. English, 14 cent. As Adams.
Mac Adaim (Mac) Adam(s): líonmhar: Cúige Uladh & eile. Bhí Adam coitianta mar ainm baiste i measc na Normannach agus ghlac Muintir de Barra an sloinne Mac Adaim chucha ach is sloinne Albanach in Éirinn é go ginearálta. Tá Adams i bhfad níos líonmhaire.
Mac Adamóid Adams: fíor-annamh: Connachta. Díspeagadh ar Adam. SGG.
MacAdam numerous: Ulster and Louth etc. Ir. Mac Adaim, Mac Ádhaimh (early). More general as Adams. The Barrys of Cork adopted the patronymic Mac Adaim at one stage. In Armagh it may be a corruption of Mac Cadáin (Mac Cadden). The name is common in Scotland, derivation in all cases "son of Adam". MIF.
MacAdams Quite numerous: Derry etc. See Mac Adam and Adams.

DEDs where MacAdam and a second surname are found together


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