Hughes heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Hayes Very numerous: all areas: Munster and S Leinster especially. Also E Ulster. The Irish is Ó h-Aodha from Aodh, a popular personal name meaning "fire". It applies to some ten septs in different areas and was also an Anglo-Norman name in Wexford. The Irish name has been widely anglicised Hughes in the north; in Cork it appears, more accurately as O'Hea. SI, IF & SGG.
Heyes rare: Down. English or a variant of Hayes, q.v.
Hughes Very numerous: all areas except Munster. Ir. Ó h-Aodha, Mac Aodha, from first name Aodh, meaning "fire". Shared by many families, those in Munster being anglicised Hayes and O'Hea. The name is also a common English one based on the Teutonic first name Hugo which became Hugh. This latter has entirely replaced the native Aodh.
Ó h-Aodha rare: scattered. Ir.Lang. See Hayes.
Ó h-Aodha O'Hea, Hayes, Hughes: líonmhar gach áird. Galldaithe mar Hayes sa deisceart agus Hughes sa tuaisceart. I gCorcaigh amháin a choiméadadh Ó le O'Hea. Bhí Aodh a chiallaíonn "lasair", ar an h-ainmneacha is coitianta in Éirinn anallód. Tugann de Bhulbh liosta de 13 chlann a ngaibh an sloinne seo leo. IF, SI & SGG.
O'Hea Quite numerous: Cork, Derry etc. Ir. Ó h-Aodha, from first name Aodh (fire). The name is usually anglicised Hughes and Hayes. IF.

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