Goodwin heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Godwin fairly rare: Midlands etc. Ir. Góidín, English, but also anglicisation of O'Dea, MacGoldrick, MacGuigan. See also Goodwin. SI 7 SGG.
Goodwin numerous: Ulster generally, Midlands, Limerick. An English name, "good friend", which also stands for a number of Irish names: Ó Goidín (Mayo); Ó Deá (Connacht); Mac Uiginn, Mag Ualghairg (Ulster). Only an investigation of family history can determine to which group one belongs. Also as Godwin. SI.
Ó Diaghaidh O'Dea: líon beag: Gaillimh, Maigh Eo. Ní fios an comh-ainm é le Ó Deá ach is cinnte gur deineadh Godwin de i gConnachta.
Ó Goidín Goodwin: annamh: Maigh Eo & rl. Deir de Bhulbh go raibh an sloinne seo i bhfeidhm i Maigh Eo agus tá Goodwin annsan ceart go leor. Luadh Ó Godáin, leis.

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