Garry heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Garry numerous: Midlands, Clare etc. Ir. Mag Fhearadhaigh. Fearadhach was a very early personal name, possibly meaning "manly". The name originated in E Connacht and appears in many guises: Garahy, Garrihy, MacGarry and by peculiar mistranslation - O'Hare. SI & SGG.
MacGarry numerous: Ulster generally, especially Antrim; also N Leinster and N Connacht. Ir. Mag Fhearadhaigh. Fearadhach was a prestigeous first name in early Ireland, derivation not certain, possibly meaning "manly". Mod. Mac Fhearaigh. See also Mac Carry, Mac Verry & Garry.
Mag Fhearadhaigh Mac Garry, Megarry, Garry: líonmhar: oirthear Uladh, Lár na Tíre, an Clár mar a bhfuil Garry. Deir de Bhulbh gur deineadh Hare de in Oirghialla as cosúlacht éigin le "giorria"! Tá Garrihy orthu sa Chlár, leis. SI & SGG.
Magarry Very rare: Ulster. Ir. Mag Fhearaigh (SGA). See Mac Garry.
Megarry fairly numerous: Belfast, Down etc. Ir. Mag Fhearadhaigh. See Mac Garry.

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