Fitzsimmins heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Fitzsimons numerous: Down, Monaghan-Cavan, Louth-Meath. Ir. Mac Síomóin. They were in Down, Mayo & W Meath in 13 cent. In Mayo they adopted the Irish name Mac an Ridire (son of the knight), which still exists as Eddery. SI, IF & SGG.
Mac Síomóin Fitzsimons: líonmhar: an Dún, Cabhán-Muineachán-Lú. Angla-Normannaigh a shocraigh sa Dún, Iar-Mhí agus Maigh Eo ón 13 céad ar aghaidh.

DEDs where Fitzsimmins and a second surname are found together


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