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Relickmurry and Athassel

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ATHASSEL, a parish, in the barony of CLANWILLIAM, county of TIPPERARY, and province of MUNSTER, 3- miles (W.) from Cashel; containing, with the parish of Relickmurry, 5498 inhabitants. This place, which is situated on the river Suir, was distinguished for its priory, founded towards the close of the 12th century by William Fitz-Aldelm de Burgho, for Canons Regular of the order of St. Augustine, and dedicated to St. Edmund the King and Martyr. In 1319 the town was set on fire by Lord John, brother of Lord Maurice Fitz-Thomas; and, in 1329, Bryan O'Brien burned it to the ground : there are still some slight traces of its site. The priory, which was amply endowed, and of which the abbot sat in parliament, continued to flourish till the reign of Edw. VI., when it was dissolved; and in that of Philip and Mary it was, with other possessions, granted to Thomas, Earl of Ormonde. The remains are extensive and highly interesting, and shew the buildings to have been distinguished for elegance and magnificence, and equal, if not superior, to any monastic structure in the kingdom. In this monastery was interred Richard de Burgho, second Earl of Ulster, called, from his complexion, the Red, who, after giving a splendid entertainment to the nobles and his friends at Kilkenny, in 1326, retired hither and soon after died. Castle Park, the seat of R. Creaghe, Esq., is a spacious and well-built mansion, pleasantly situated in a richly planted demesne, in which are some remains of an ancient castle ; Ballycarron, the seat of T. Butler, Esq., is situated in an extensive and finely planted demesne; Golden Hills is the castellated residence of H. White, Esq.; and Springmount, that of J. White, Esq. Suir Castle, the residence of J. Robbins, Esq., is situated on the banks of the Suir, and within the demesne are the ruins of a castle with a square tower. The other seats are Gaulty View, the residence of F. Massey, Esq.; Ballyslatteen, of R. Butler, Esq.; and Hymenstown, of R. Scully, Esq. The parish is in the diocese of Cashel, and is a rectory, forming part of the union of Relickmurry: the tithes, including those of the parish of Relickmurry, amount to £550. In the R. C. divisions it forms part of the union or district of Golden.


GOLDEN, a village and post-town, in the parish of RELICKMURRY, barony of CLANWILLIAM, county of TIPPERARY, and province of MUNSTER, 3- miles (W.) from Cashel (to which it has a sub-post-office), and 82 (S.) from Dublin, on the road from Cashel to Tipperary ; containing 1 14 houses and 648 inhabitants. It is a neat and improving village, situated in what is called " thie Golden Vale," and is divided into two parts by the river Suir, over which is a stone bridge, on which King William signed the charter of Cashel ; and near it is an old circular stone tower. Here are flour and oatmeal-mills, and a constabulary police station ; fairs are held on May 18th, Aug. 26th, Oct. 26th, and Dec. l5th, and petty sessions once a fortnight. The parochial church was erected here in 1808, and a tower was added by aid of a loan of £700 from the late Board of First Fruits, in 1812. There is also a large R. C. chapel.-- See RELICKMURRY.


RELICKMURRY, or RELIGMURRY, a parish, in the barony of CLANWILLIAM, county of TIPPERARY, and province of MUNSTER, 4 miles (S. W.) from Cashel, near the road to Tipperary : the population is returned with the parish of Athassel. It is situated on the river Suir, and forms part of the tract called the "Golden Vale," from the superior quality of the land, a large portion of which is under grass. Within its limits is the post-town of Golden, which is described under its own head. At Castle Lake is a distillery, employing generally from 40 to 50 persons. Adjoining it is the neat residence of Thomas Mathew, Esq. ; and at Rockview is that of Sam. Cooper, Esq., surrounded by neatly planted grounds. Time living is a rectory, in the diocese of Cashel, united from time immemorial to those of Athassel, Ballygriflin, and Dangandargan, and in the patronage of the Archbishop ; the tithes of Relickmurry and Athassel amount to £550, and those of the entire benefice to £846. 8. 7, The glebe-house was built in 1819, when the late Board of First Fruits granted £100 as a gift, and £1500 as a loan, towards its erection, the remainder of its cost being defrayed by the rector : the glebe comprises 20 acres. The church is situated in the town of Golden. In the R. C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, comprising also the parishes of Athassel, Kilfeacle, and Dogstown ; and containing the chapels of' Golden and Kilfeacle. In the national school at Thomastown, and in a school supported by Lady Elizabeth Mathew about 150 children are educated ; and there are four private schools, in which are about 240 children.


THOMASTOWN, a village in the parish of RELICKMURRY, barony of CLANWILLIAM, county of TIPPERARY, and province of MUNSTER, 4- miles (w.) from Cashel, on the road to Tipperary, and near the river Suir : the population is returned with the parish. Thomastown House, the splendid castellated mansion of Lady Eliz. Matthew, sister and heir of the late Earl of Llandaff, is situated in a noble demesne, comprising upwards of 2000 statute acres, and embellished with a profusion of remarkably fine timber, and two large pieces of water, supplied from a distance of several miles : the scenery is of a very pleasing character, the fine range of hills called the Galtees forming the background. On a part of the demesne called the Ross, near the small river Fidachta, is a beautiful cottage, built by the late Earl. A constabulary police force is stationed in the village ; and there is a school for children of both sexes, in which are about 100 children, under the patronage of Lady E. Matthew, who allows the master £10 per ann., besides a house and two acres of land. Some remains of the church exist ; it is the burial-place of the noble family of Matthew.

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