Places in Cloonbur No. 2 Registrar's District

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BarrslievenaroyGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
BreenaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
BunnaviskaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Culliagh BegGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Culliagh MoreGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
CurGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
CurrarevaghGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
DerreenGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
GlennagevlaghGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
GowlaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
GowlaunleeGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
GrigginsGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
KilmeelickinGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
KnockaunbaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
LeeGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
LeenaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
LetterbrickaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Maum, EastGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Maum, WestGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
MaumgawnaghGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Munterowen, EastGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Munterowen, MiddleGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Munterowen, WestGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
PoundcartronGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
RaighGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
ShanafaraghaunGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
SranahawGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
TawnaleenGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Teernakill, NorthGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis
Teernakill, SouthGalwayRossRossCloonbur No. 2Lewis

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