Developed with Eneclann in 2003, this CD-ROM aimed to provide an affordable resource for anyone interested in the history of Irish surnames, or in starting Irish genealogical research.

It includes:

  • Details of 26,756 Irish surnames and 104,058 surname variants
  • 8,207 Surname Dictionary entries
  • The distribution of 2,296 surnames in 1890, as recorded in birth records
  • Details of the distribution of 377,902 households throughout Ireland 1847-64
  • Coats of arms for 130 of the most common Irish surnames
  • An extensive bibliography of Irish family history
  • Ireland-wide parish maps
  • Details of the records of 3,782 churches and congregations throughout Ireland, comprising 8,376 sets of records.

You can find out more at the Eneclann web-site