Ryle households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Ó Raghaill (1) Ryle, (2) Reihill: (1) líon beag: Ciarraí & rl. (2) cuíosach annamh: Oirghialla. Clanna éagsúla, is cosúil, agus an-chuid leagan gallda ann: Rael, Reale sa Mhumhain; Rehill, Rawl, Rahill, Riall, Ryall ó thuaidh. Tá an bhrí éiginnte.
Rahill fairly rare: Cavan, Dublin etc. Ir. Ó Raghaill. See Ryle.
Rawle rare: Longford etc. Ir. Ó Raghaill. Also as Rahill and Ryle. Woulfe suggests it is an abbreviation of Ó Raghallaigh, but this is doubtful. SI.
Reale Quite numerous: Limerick (City & Co.) etc. Ir. Ó Raghaill (SI); Roghaill (SGA). See Ryall and Ryle. This was also a Palatine name in Wexford.
Rehill rare: Monaghan-Cavan-Longford etc. Ir. Ó Raghaill. See Reihill.
Reihill fairly rare: Fermanagh, particularly Lisnaskea. Ir. Ó Raghaill, Reighill. Woulfe considers it abbreviation of Ó Raghallaigh (Reilly) but this is not certain. The name occurs as Ryle in Kerry but there is probably no genealogical connection. SGG & SI.
Riall rare: Dublin etc. Variant of Rehill, q.v.
Ryall rare: Belfast area. See Ryle.
Ryles Quite numerous: Kerry etc. Ir. Ó Raghaill, derivation not clear. Appearing as Rahill, Rehill, Reihill and Ryall - the latter is also English, which may account for those around Belfast.

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