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Mac Piarais Pearse: ar aon dul le Piaras, q.v. Fréamh: an t-ainm Piers (Laidin Petrus) a bhí coitinn i measc na Normannach. Mac le Sasanach dob'ea Pádraig Mac Piarais (1879-1916) file & tírghráthóir. Luann de Bhulbh an leagan Mac Phiarais, leis.
Pearce fairly numerous: Dublin, Belfast etc. Ir. Mac Piarais. English, 13 cent onwards. The name is more usual as Pierce, q.v.
Persse rare: Midlands etc. English, 17 cent. A form of Pearse, q.v.
Piaras Pierce, Pearse: líonmhar ar fud na tíre, go speisialta san Oir-dheisceart & tuaisceart Mumhan, Fear Manach. Tá muintir Pierse i dtuaisceart Chiarraí gaolmhar le Mac Muiris Leic Snámha, craobh des na Gearaltaigh. Féach Mac Piarais, leis.
Pierce numerous: all areas, especially South East, N Munster, Fermanagh. Ir. Mac Piarais. From first name Piers, mediaeval form of Peter. The Kerry Pierces were a branch of the FitzMaurices.
Pyers rare: Down-Armagh etc.

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