O Labhradha


  • O Labhradha in 1659.

  • The surname

  • Family histories: 3

Parishes where O Labhradha and a second surname are found together


No O Labhradha households in Griffith's.

Surname Dictionary

Lavery numerous: mainly E Ulster and adjoining areas, Limerick etc. Ir. Ó Labhradha (spokesman). Three septs in Ulster designated Bán (fair), Rua (redhaired) and Tréan (strong), the latter sometimes anglicised Armstrong. IF & SI.
Lowery rare: Dublin. Variant of Lowry, q.v.
Lowry numerous: E Ulster, Midlands, Connacht. Ir. Ó Labhradha (Labhraí). An Sloinnteoir Gaeilge also gives Mac Labhraí. For derivation see Lavery. The name is also Scottish which may account for many in Ulster. SI & IF.
Ó Labhradha Lavery, Lowry: líonmhar: oirthear Uladh, Lár na Tíre, Connachta (Lowry). Bhí muintir Labhradha bunaithe ag Maigh Rath, sa Dún, agus iad roinnte faoi thrí: Bán-Labhraidh, Rua-Labhraidh agus Tréan-Labhraidh gur deineadh Armstrong de, uaireannta. An bhrí: fear labhartha, idirghabhálaí. Litriú nua: Ó Labhraí. IF.

Variants in Griffith's
& total households

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Laffery: 2
Lavary: 2
Laverry: 5
Lavery: 396
Lavry: 3
Lawry: 2
Loury: 18
Lowery: 21
Lowrey: 41
Lowrie: 6
Lowry: 529

Non-Griffith's Variants

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Lowry Jameson
O Labhradha
O Labhradhaidh
O Lawry

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