All variants of McNiff

McNiff households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

All variants of McNiff

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Caddoo rare: Tyrone etc. Ir. Mac Conduibh (black hound), the subject of many anglicisations such as: Caddow, Mac Adoo, Mac Niff. The original name is of Connacht & W Ulster.
Ginniff rare: Belfast.
MacAnuff rare: Down, Belfast. Ir. Mac Condhuibh. See Cunniffe.
MacEneff rare: Dublin etc. Ir. Mac Conduibh. See Mac Endoo.
MacEniff rare: Fermanagh-Tyrone. See Mac Endoo.
MacEnuff Very rare: Newry (Down). Variant of Mac Endoo, q.v.
MacNeff Very rare: Down. Ir. Mac Conduibh. See Cunniffe.
MacNiffe Quite numerous: Leitrim-Sligo etc. Ir. Mac Conduibh. See Cunniffe.

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