All variants of McKennely

McKennely households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

All variants of McKennely

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Mac an Fhailghigh Mac Anally, Mac Nally, Nally: an-líonmhar: Cúige Uladh (Mac Nally); Aontroim (Mac Anally); Connachta (Nally). Bhain an chlann le Oirghialla. Failgheach .i. duine bocht. Meascadh, uaireannta, le Mac Con Uladh. Ceapann de Bhulbh go raibh baint ag an sloinne seo le De Paor i gConnachta - ciallaíonn Paor "bocht", chomh maith.
MacAnally Quite numerous: Antrim etc. Ir. Mac Con Uladh, Cú Uladh, hound of Ulster. However the Irish name Mac an Fhailghigh (poor man) belongs to Oriel so there may be a confusion here. See also Nally. IF.
MacInally Very rare: Belfast. Ir. Mac an Fhailghigh, son of the poor man (SGA) or, Mac Con Uladh (hound of Ulster). MacLysaght considers the latter appropriate to Ulster. See also Nally.
MacInnally Very rare: Dublin. Ir. Mac an Fhailghigh. See Nally.
MacNally Very numerous: mainly Ulster, also Connacht and N Leinster. Ir. Mac an Fhailghigh, from failgheach, a poor person. The name is associated with Oriel where they also went under Mac Con Uladh, which may be in part correct for that region. IF.
Nally fairly numerous: Galway-Mayo-Roscommon, Midlands. Ir. Mac an Fhailghigh (poor man). Woulfe says it was adopted by Anglo-Normans in Connacht. See also Mac Nally and Mac Anally. IF & SGG.


  • McKennely in 1659.
  • McKennely births mapped 1864-1913

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