McGonigle households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Gunnigle Very rare: Dublin. Ir. Mag Congail. An erenagh family of Donegal, usually appearing as MacGonigal, q.v. See Gonnelly. MIF & SGG.
MacGonagle fairly numerous: Donegal-Derry etc. Ir. Mag Congail. The early first name Conghal means "hound-fierce". The sept belonged to Donegal and was noted for distinguished churchmen. GPN &MIF.
MacGonigal rare: Belfast. See Mac Gonagle.
MacGonigle fairly numerous: Derry-Donegal-Sligo etc. As Mac Gonagle.
Mag Congail Mac Gonagle, Mac Gonigle & rl. líonmhar: Tír Conaill, Doire & rl. Clann Chonallach a bhain clú amach mar eaglaisigh. Bhí Domhnall, Easpag Rath Bhoth, ar an ndream beag Gael a fhreastail ar Chomhairle Tridentum sa 16 céad.MIF.

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