Larrissy households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Laracy Very rare: Waterford. Variant of Larrissey, q.v.
Larrissey rare: Kilkenny-Wexford etc. Ir. Ó Learghusa (sea-valour). A sept of Mayo in Middle Ages, it was subsequently found in Kilkenny. MacLysaght concludes these latter are a separate group. Also as Laracy, q.v. SI.
Ó Learghusa Larrissey: annamh: Cill Chainnigh-Loch Garman. Bhí an sloinne seo i gCeara, Maigh Eo go dtí an 16 céad ach ina dhiaidh sin thaibhsigh siad in Osraí agus is sa taobh sa tíre atáid ó shoin. B'fhéidir gur clann difriúil a bhí i Laighin i gcónaí. An bhrí: lear + gus .i. muir + fuinneamh. MIF.

Parishes where Larrissy and a second surname are found together


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