Keelaghar households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Kelleher (1) v numerous: all areas except Ulster. They were a sept of the Dál gCais (Clare) who moved to Cork and Kerry in 13 cent and are now concentrated there. IF. (2) rare: Fermanagh. Belfast-Derry Ir. Ó Céileachair (companion-dear). Evidently a different group from the Kellehers of the South West.
Keller Quite numerous: Dublin and scattered. Probably an abbreviation of Kelleher, although it could be Scottish or German.
Kelliher numerous: Kerry-Limerick. Another variant of Kelleher, q.v.
Ó Céileachair rare: Cork etc. Ir. Lang. See Kelliher.
Ó Céileachair Kelliher: an-líonmhar sa Mhumhain, i gCorcaigh ach go h-áirithe. Dream de chuid Dál gCais, de shliocht Donnchuan, deartháir Bhriain Bóroimhe, a b'ea iad. Brí: cara dil. IF & SGG.


  • Keelaghar in 1659.

The surname

Parishes where Keelaghar and a second surname are found together


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