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    Dublin (Clondalkin)

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Household numbers by county in Griffith's (1847-64), as on the map

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Antrim:7Armagh:4Belfast city:3Carlow:1
Cavan:2Clare:24Cork:359Cork city:40
Derry:70Donegal:152Dublin:4Dublin city:2

Surname Dictionary

Haggarty rare: Belfast etc. Ir. Ó h-Ágartaigh; Ó h-Ógartaigh, from fógartach "one who is proclaimed an outlaw". Alternatively, Ó h-Éigeartaigh, éigeart = injustice. This latter usually appears as Hegarty, q.v.
Hegarty Very numerous: all areas: especially Cork, Derry-Donegal, Connacht etc. The Irish is Ó h-Éigeartaigh (unjust). A sept of Cineál Eoghain in Derry. There was another group, a branch of the Eoghanacht who were the ruling group in Munster, in Cork. IF & SGG.
Heggarty Quite numerous: Antrim. See Haggarty and Hegarty.
Ó h-Éigeartaigh rare: Dublin, Cork etc. Ir.Lang. See Hegarty and O'Hegarty.
Ó h-Éigeartaigh (O)Hegarty: an-líonmhar ins gach aird, i gCorcaigh & i nDoire go sonrach. Clann de Chineál Eoghain in iarthar Uladh ó thús iad, ach craobh d'Eoghanacht na Mumhan, leis. Éigeartach = éagórach - aisteach go leor, bhí sé coitinn sa Mhumhain.
O'Hegarty rare: Dublin etc. Ir. Ó h-Éigeartaigh (unjust). A sept of Cinéal Eoghain in Derry-Donegal, some of whom moved to Cork; the name usually appears as Hegarty, q.v. and sometimes as Haggerty in America. IF.

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