Goolding households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

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Golden numerous: Galway-Mayo-Sligo etc. Ir. Ó Góilín, Mag Ualghairg. Derivations: goll, blind; ual+garg, proud-fierce. The latter is usually MacGoldrick, who were a branch of the O'Rourkes. Woulfe notes Mac Cuallachta of Sligo and appearing as Ó Guallachta in the spoken language. There were Goldens early English immigrants in Dublin and Cork, for which see also Goulding.MIF.
Golding Quite numerous: Mayo-Galway. See Golden.
Goulden rare: Sligo etc. Ir. Ó Goillín (goll = blind). See also Golden.MIF.
Goulding fairly numerous: Cork-Waterford etc. Ir. Gúilín. English (Golding) settled in Cork after the Invasion. See Golden.MIF & SGG.
Gúilín Goulding: cuíosach líonmhar: Corcaigh & Port Lairge. A-Normannaigh a shocraigh in aice le Áth Cliath agus Corcaigh. MIF.
Ó Goillín Golden: líonmhar: Gaillimh-Maigh Eo-Sligeach & rl. Luann na h-údair an sloinne seo le Corcaigh; b'fhéidir gur truailliú ar Mag Ualghairg cuid de mhuintir Golden i gConnachta. Mar phréamh, deineann de Bhulbh tagairt do (1) goll = leath-dhall, agus (2) gall = coilleach. Tá a thuilleadh taighde ag tastáil. MIF.

  • Golden
    Ballycastle, Co. Mayo

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