Fitzgibbons households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

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Fitzgibbon numerous: Munster etc. Ir. Mac Giobúin. The head of the family was the White Knight, one of the three Knights of Desmond. He resided near Newcastle West. There is another group in Mayo, related to the Burkes, who usually appear as Gibbons which is also an English name. Some Gibbons may well be of English origin. IF & SGG.
Mac Giobúin FitzGibbon, Gibbons: líonmhar i gcoitinne - FitzGibbon sa Mhumhain agus Gibbons i gConnachta go sonrach. B'é ceann na clainne an Ridire Bán a chónaigh ag Maigh Thamhnach, Luimneach - duine de "Triúr Ridire Dheasmhumhan". Ós na Burcaigh a shíolraigh Giobúnaigh Chonnacht a bhí suite in aice le Cruach Phádraig. Bhíodh Mac Giobáin orthu san, leis.

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