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Surname Dictionary

Conachy rare: Louth. Ir. Mac Dhonnchaidh. Also as Conkey. This is the Scottish Clann Donnchaidh, who later became Robertson. The personal name Donnchadh was common amongst both Irish and Scots, being anglicised Duncan there. SS.
Conaghy Very rare: Drogheda. See Conachy.
Conkey rare: Belfast etc. See Conachy.
Mac Dhonnchaidh Mac Conaghy, Mac Conkey: líonmhar i gCúige Uladh. Craobh den chlann Albanach Robertson in oirthear Uladh a b'ea iad. SS.
MacConachie rare: Antrim. Ir. Mac Dhonnchaidh, Donnchadh, brown lord. Scottish: Clann Donnchaidh is the old title of the Robertson clan. SS.
MacConaghie numerous: Antrim-Down etc. See Mac Conachie.
MacConkey numerous: Belfast, Cavan-Monaghan-Louth, Dublin. See Mac Conachie.
MacConnachie rare: Antrim etc. See Mac Conachie.

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