Bresnihan households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Household numbers by county in Griffith's (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Bresnan rare: Munster. See Brosnan.
Bresnihan rare: Scattered. See Brosnan.
Brosnan numerous: Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Clare etc. Ir. Ó Brosnacháin. A Kerry name, probably derived from the placename Brosna.MIF.
Ó Brosnacháin rare: Ir.Lang. See Brosnan.
Ó Brosnacháin Brosnahan, Brosnan: líonmhar: Ciarraí-Luimneach-Corcaigh-Clár. Ceaptar gur ón sráid-bhaile Brosnach, Ciarraí, an sloinne seo.

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